Hotel Horse

It is also wonderfully relaxing for your horse at Bed & Breakfast Angelbeeck! Bed & Breakfast Angelbeeck has six private horses. Our horses stay 24-7 in our paddock Paradise.

B&B Horse

Bed & Breakfast Angelbeeck borders directly on an extensive network of equestrian routes. The Maasduinen are truly a wonderful area to drive or train for an endurance competition, for example. It is possible to drive for many kilometers without having to cross many busy roads and it is also very quiet in the forest itself. The route network has now been provided with nodes. Maps are available at the accommodation. The cards can be rented against a deposit or purchased at the accommodation.

The riding trails are alternately stony, firm with sand or grass and loose with deeper sand. It is possible to drive without attachments as it is possible to drive on the side of the road along the stony paths.

From Bed & Breakfast Angelbeeck it is also possible to make a trek to other accommodations.

Do you not have your own horse and would you like to take a ride outside or take a riding lesson during your stay? Then we would like to refer you to the nearby riding school Bergemo in Heijen!

On the website you can plan your route and see where other accommodations are located along your route.
* Nodes rider route planner north and central limburg


Brief overview of our facilities:


€ 20 per horse per night only grazing

All our prices include:

  • good quality roughage (from venhorst-fourage)
  • grassy meadow with drinking water

All our prices exclude:

  • chunks
  • manure service


  • 2 spacious lawns with pergola

  • maximum 2 horses per pasture
    meadows open in: March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October

  • automatic drinking water supply in the meadow

  • various spraying places with cold water


  • Parking for the trailer is available on our rear site

  • Trailer can be parked from 12 noon

  • Pasture and cleaning facilities can be used from 12 noon